Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 4-Briana

Greetings from Moorea! Around 8:30am the whole group went out to the Motu, where we swam with rays and sharks. The gecko group and fish group made progress today on their assignments. The gecko group processed the ten geckos they caught yesterday and housed the geckos they needed. They also did some practice runs with the equipment. After dinner we caught seven more geckos to add to our collection. The fish group, out of the four fish they caught yesterday, euthanized two. They dissected them and used the stomach and liver to assay catalase, which gave them a positive result. Around 8pm, the group jumped into the van and traveled to Tiki Village Theater, where we learned about Polynesian culture through dance and song. Even a couple of us danced along with them, Frank being the star of the show (eating fire and all). Coming back we are all a little sleepy and ready for bed thus ending another successful day in the South Pacific.


  1. no fire dance, ray, or shark picture? Glad the fish group is getting what they need! :)

  2. Sounds like good progress is being made by all! I see that everyone has also made progress on the suntans lol!

  3. Looks like the evening was a great time!you all look great!Glad to hear you are all having success on your projects thus far.I love the updates and I will be following the blog daily.Keep up the good work!
    Nick's mom ,Angelique