Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 6-James

NOTE-We're having lots of trouble with the internet on Moorea-sorry the blog is late!

Unsurprisingly, it was another gorgeous day on Moorea. The wind was blowing and the sea was choppy, but it looks to be pretty hard to upset the natural beauty here. It’s a holiday as well, something of an Independence Day for French Polynesia. This was found out after a bit of research as to why the people in the house up the hill from Criobe had been partying for around 36 hours straight. If any of us missed popular music from back home, we don’t anymore.
Lizard group just got started on their trials for the night, adhering to the geckos normal sleep cycles. The motility researchers are slated to finish up the last of their vertical running speed trials this evening, and the regeneration team continues feeding and dosing their animals, as it’s too early to see any tail growth.
Fish group spent the morning splitting up to assay fish and catch them at once at White House, and following lunch the divers went out to Coconut Grove and managed to spear more. It was also decided today that the lionfish that was caught earlier would be donated to Criobe’s aquarium.
Tomorrow Dr. Niewiarowski is leading a four-hour long hike up one of the island’s mountains. We’re settling in to the rhythm of data collection and analysis here, so it should be a nice break. It’s supposed to be fairly strenuous, so there ought to be plenty to report tomorrow. Until then, thanks for following our blog!


  1. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and that the research is moving along.

    Have a great hike tomorrow.

    It's 60 degrees in Ohio, so you are not missing much.

  2. Hello! Your photos are wonderful.....they make us all want to catch the next jet to Moorea. Sounds like your research is progressing and you're still able to "vacation" and see the beautiful island.

  3. Sounds like the best of both worlds! Great weather, great scenerey and lots of interesting things to do!

  4. Gald to hear you got your internet back.
    Great pictures