Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 5-Nick

Whats up?! Today everybody woke up to the usual sounds of a Tahitian house party going on next to the station and a rooster crowing! The groups started out by getting some breakfast in the absolutely dismal weather we were having. The fish group needed to collect more fish to work with, so we headed to white house beach to sling some more! I caught four long nose butterflyfish, and the divers helped us out by catching another five! It was a productive work day for both groups as our projects are beginning to develop. The lizard group started out by finding a tree in the woods that had multiple geckos on it, completing their collection! The fish group brought back the fish we had caught to begin dissecting and running assays on the fresh tissue. Meanwhile the lizard group ran some of their lizards through different tests before we all came together for dinner. For dinner we had one of my favorites, carbonara! After dinner the two groups had a meeting to discuss what both groups are doing and what we want to accomplish before the end of the trip. The night is ending with more work. The lizards group is doing more tests, and the fish group is cutting up fish to do more assays!


  1. Congrats everyone!! I am happy that your research is working out so well. Sounds like you guys are having a great time!!! I am jealous that I can't be there =) Keep up the good work.

    -Lindsay (cory's gf)

  2. sounds like a very productive day. I hope it didn't stay dimal all day

  3. Hope the weather improves there for tomorrow! Glad to hear that the projects are coming along so well!