Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 10-Jen

Today was another beautiful but busy day for both groups working on our papers and finishing final trials for the lizard groups. The divers went out for an early dive this morning at a different sight than usual. They saw some cool new things. We had a really good lunch of fruit salad, rice dish, and a Tahitian version of meat and potatoes. After lunch we all went back to work on our projects, finalizing our data. Today was a bad day for James. He went to the local store on a bike, the chain froze up and he took a bad fall off the bike, scraping his hand and knee. This is adding to our ever growing collection of bumps, bruises and cuts. Many of us are also wishing we had packed extra, extra bug spray because the mosquito bites are adding up too. Dinner was also very good, like all the meals here in Tahiti, rice and a chicken like stew dish. We are all tired but making the most of our last few days in Tahiti. Happy Independence Day everyone! :-)


  1. A Lizzard! Sorry to hear of another bump and bruse.Sounds like you are all eating well :)
    I bet all of your mothers told you to take lots of bug spray!lol Continue to enjoy your days on the island....we are sure that none of you will have problems sleeping on the flights home.
    Happy 4th

  2. Happy fourth of July everyone. Being one of those mother yes I DID mention something about bug spray lol! Enjoy the rest of your trip guys and try to stay whole!