Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 9-Wade

Today was another beautiful day in Moorea. After last night’s night snorkel I don’t really know what could top that until the Fish Group went down to Public Beach and saw the beautiful reefs full of gorgeous fish. The highlight was the giant school of Scribbled Rabbitfish (picture), seriously there must have been a couple thousand of them, it was a solid wall. Poor Angela, got scared out of the water by the “wolf pack”, lol! Thanks to Frank, who is sweet at life, helped the fish group collect more fish. He captured 12 of them for us. Thank you! The lizard groups are doing great, all of our groups are doing great! We are all starting to feel the crunch, our papers our due here in a couple days and it is getting close to the wire. But everything will be okay, because if worse comes to worse we can always go and get more of the very delicious sorbet up at the agricultural school, yummy! I just want to say to everyone at home that I love you and I miss you and thank you so much for helping me get here! This is truly an experience that will never be forgotten. Have to get back to work, I have one more fish to dissect before we can get started on our rough draft proposals. See you all very soon! Isshoni! Oh yeah, the Scribbled Rabbitfish are extremely poisonous, found that out after the fact. Oops!


  1. oh what fun, great picture! You'll all get you papers donedon't worry,be Happy :)

  2. Great photo! So glad that you were all able to have this experience! And happy 4th of July a day early!