Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 11-Holly

Happy 4th of July from Moorea!!

Today we had beautiful weather for the holiday. The scuba divers went diving in both the morning and the afternoon. They even saw flying fish, sharks and a sea turtle. Today both groups worked hard on their papers. Occasionally we would take breaks to the bay (which Pete forbids) to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We sadly have to count down the days till we have to leave. We would like to thank all the people that helped us get here, we are so thankful for this experience! We had amazing food today and at dinner we managed to drag out of everyone what they plan to do with their education. Brandon would like to get his masters in Forensic Science, Jen also has an interest in Forensic Science, Cory and Nick are planning to attend Medical School, Briana’s major is Biology, but she is undecided on what she wants to do next, Alyssa is working on her PHD in Integrated Bioscience, James would like to be a hardcore biologist, Wade would like to get his masters in Zoology, Brittany is attending the University of Toledo Medical School in the fall, Frank is attending the University of Cincinnati Medical School also in the fall, Ashley K. and Angela are in BS/MD program and will be attending NEOUCOM, Ashley R. works as lab coordinator for the Biology Department, and I am planning to attend Veterinary Medical School.
By the way the picture is of a Moth Skink (Lipinia noctua).


  1. Nice picture of a skink, It was interesting to hear what your future plans are.You should take breaks to enjoy the scenery:)It took alot to get there (you can still get you work done) Sorry pete! Enjoy learning

  2. Wow its hard to beleive that this awesome experience is almost over. I am sure that you will all remember this for the rest of your life! I'm thinking I might take a break for the scenerey too! (i'm sorry too Pete lol). Wishing all of you much success on your chosen path!

  3. Wow! Looked like a snake to me! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all your college classes offered this kind of "in the field", hands on experiences? Hope you have all taken a memory card full of photos! Can't wait to see them.